About Us

Who had ever thought that Et Encore would tour around Europe?
The band never dared to predict this as they actually play Music pure for amusement.
“Life is music, music is fun” is their credo for years.
Nevertheless they were able to convince lots of people and that kept them playing for over20 years.
Folk-rock music is the red wire in the Et Encore story.
All songs are the result of their weekly work, written and creating during their rehearsals. sung in english & french
They are very proud of what they accomplished but still with the necessary modesty.
They never  followed a single movement, trend or style, but simply did their own “Et Encore”-thing what makes them unique:

a live fun band with our own technical crew ready to perform for many types of audiences and for you !

Pascal Vantomme

vocals, gitar, banjo, dulcimer

Dominique Vermeulen

vocals, percussion & drums

Lieven Leplae


Fanny Vancoillie

tin & low whistle, recorder

Jochen de Smaele